Shared Corporate Services Jamaica

How Internal Audit Shared Service Centre Works

  • Accessing Centre

    Chief Audit Executives (CAEs) submitting annual audit plans via TeamMate+. Accounting Officers making requests through the system.

  • Assignment of Work

    Tasks are assigned according to the annual planning process and coordinated through TeamMate+. The software offers built-in templates that enable efficient project planning, tracking and management.

  • Execution of Audits

    The Internal Audit Shared Service Centre uses fit-for-purpose approach and methodology for each engagement. Activities are streamlined through process-owners, limiting duplication and enhancing auditing efficiency gains.

  • Audit Reporting

    Following the audit, customised reports can be generated on TeamMate+. Issues can be raised and resolutions addressed by process owners in real time or through the software.

  • Audit Follow-up

    In instances where follow-up is required, issue-tracking features are enabled through reminders to process owners for timely remediation.

Our Services

The Internal Audit Shared Service Centre will offer an innovative approach to internal auditing with the introduction of TeamMate+.


Undertake Risk-Based Internal Audit (IA) Planning


Plan and Execute IA Engagment


Follow up and close Audits


Undertake Special Reviews