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We are the ICT Support Arm of Shared Corporate Services Jamaica (SCSJ)

Our team of highly qualified experts offer technical support solutions to resolve your issues through our simplified ticketing system.

What is ICT Support Services

ICT Support Services (ICT SS) provides ICT intervention to ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) who utilise systems and platforms facilitated through Shared Corporate Services Jamaica (SCSJ). Currently, ICT support services are provided for four ICT applications, MyHR+, TeamMate+, Case Management System (CMS), and 3CX (for SCSJ and TIU staff only).

Each ICT request is resolved by a team of highly skilled ICT experts in the Centre. These complementary services support the introduction of the shared corporate services model in the Government of Jamaica (GoJ). ICT SS is enabling the delivery of innovative, efficient and customer-centric services to the public sector.

Key Features of ICT SS:

  • Faster ICT intervention and resolutions
  • Advanced ICT technology
  • ICT subject matter experts
  • Customer-centric assistance
  • Better tracking of issue through new ticket numbering system

What ICT Support Services do we offer?

  • User support
  • Application Support
  • ICT infrastructure support
  • Transactional processing for MyHR+, TeamMate+ applications, Case Management System (CMS), and 3CX (for SCSJ and TIU staff only).
  • System support for SCSJ operations for case management including online chat, telephony, knowledge/document management and SCSJ website maintenance
  • Provision of ICT infrastructure and maintenance for SCSJ including servers, networks (WAN, LAN, Firewalls, Security) and personal computing

How ICT SS works

Tier 0/1 - Helpdesk


Employees are able to request ICT intervention by submitting system specific issues through the online ticketing number system.

Tier 2 - ICT SS


ICT SS team will provide system specific support for complex MyHR+, TeamMate+, infrastructure and Business application related issues.

Tier 3 - Escalation


ICT SS will work with vendors to resolve high-level or system-wide issues.

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