What is ICT Support Service (ICT SS)?

ICT Support Services (ICT SS) provides ICT intervention to ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) who utilise systems and platforms facilitated through Shared Corporate Services Jamaica (SCSJ). Currently, ICT support services are provided for four ICT applications, MyHR+, TeamMate+, Case Management System (CMS), and 3CX (for SCSJ and TIU staff only). Each ICT request is resolved by a team of highly skilled ICT experts in the Centre. These complementary services support the introduction of the shared corporate services model in the Government of Jamaica (GoJ). ICT SS is enabling the delivery of innovative, efficient and customer-centric services to the public sector.

What services does the ICT SS provide?

The ICT SS services include:

  • Application support (MyHR+, TeamMate+, CMS and 3CX)
  • Release and upgrade management​
  • Defect resolution​
  • User and system administration
  • Change and configuration support 

Help Desk Service

  • User Support(Level 1)​

Infrastructure Support (only accessible to TIU and SCSJ staff)

  • Server Room Infrastructure​
  • Personal Computing Support

How do I access ICT SS support?

You can access the ICT SS through the following channels:

What issues should I report to ICT SS?

Issues related to the following areas should be reported to the ICT SS:

  • Operations Help Desk Service are available to GoJ, TIU and SCSJ staff
  • Application Support for MyHR+, TeamMate+ CMS and 3CX can be accessed by GoJ, TIU and SCSJ staff
  • Operations Infrastructure are only available to TIU and SCSJ staff

What issues should I not report to ICT SS?

Users outside of the TIU and SCSJ staff cannot report ICT infrastructure, applications or operations issues to the ICT SS. All ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) ICT infrastructural-related issues are to be reported and resolved by the designated ICT department within their respective organisations.

What do I do when I get an email from ICT SS in my mailbox?

If you attempted to raise a ticket with the ICT SS at SCSJ, then you should reply to the email sent immediately. This email services to confirm your request so the actual ticket can be generated. Please follow the instructions in the email and do not modify any responses as direct replies are sent to an email box that is not monitored.

Which channel should I use to report an ICT SS issue: Self Service, Chat or Telephone?

It is recommended that the Employee Self Service Landing Page option is the first choice for users when reporting an issue. However, the ICT SS team will respond to all requests using the three specified channels.

How long will it take to resolve my ICT SS issue?

The ICT SS will aim to review and resolve your ICT issue in a timely manner. Please note that timelines will vary depending on the nature of the problem. Resolution of simple issues can take a maximum time of two days, while complex issues can extend to a maximum of 30 days.